Water epoxy



Low-thickness water-based epoxy coating with very low odor, for concrete, asphalt and other material pavements in industries, warehouses, parking lots, workshops, warehouses, hospitals, etc. It can also be used for walls in those places where a coating with good chemical resistance and easy cleaning is needed, such as schools, slaughterhouses, warehouses, hospitals, etc.
It has excellent characteristics of hardness, resistance to abrasion, scratching and chemical resistance. Indoors only. Its appearance is smooth, with a satin shine and it is breathable.
Color White and colors on request
Finish smooth satin
Specific weight 1.56 +/- 0.05 gr./cc.
Specific gravity of the mixture 1.50 +/- 0.05 gr./cc.
Viscosity when packaging 120 Sg Ford cup 4 at 25 ºC
Fixed matter % 74% +/- 5
Solids by volume % 49% +/- 5
Performance 7 – 8 m 2 /kg. by hand and depending on the state of the facing
Recommended wet thickness 125 microns per coat (60 microns dry)
recommended minimum thickness 80 – 120 microns
Touch dry time 5 to 6 hours
full cure 7 – 8 days
Mix Life 90 – 120 minutes
repainted 20 – 24 hours (maximum 7 days without opening the pore)
diluent Sweet water
Presentation Mix 14 Liters (15.75 Kg + 3.75 Kg) and Mix 4 Lts (5.1Kg + 0.9 Kg)
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures.
VOC'S Cat A/j (legal limit 140 g/l) max content 5 g/l
Color clear transparent
Specific weight 1'16 +/- 0'05 ​​gr./cc.
TECHNICAL DATA (applus+ certificate)
Tensile strength on concrete 3.8 N/mm 2 Class B 2.0 (UNE – EN 13813)

Add the hardener (Comp.. B) to the pigmented base (Comp.. A), mixing them by hand or with a low-speed mechanical stirrer (so as not to produce foam) until a perfect homogenization is achieved. Wait 4-5 minutes approx. before starting your application. It can be applied by brush or roller with short hair. The walls to be painted must be clean and dry, do not
apply at room and support temperatures below 5º C or above 30º C and the ambient humidity must be less than 80% It can be diluted between 4-5 for a first coat % with water. It can be repainted after 24 hours and in a maximum of 7 days.