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Quality raw materials, trusted suppliers and meticulous work to manufacture all kinds of products in the world of painting. At Pinturas de la Peña we have decades of experience at the service of our clients, always offering them the maximum guarantees. !Check our catalogues!

Peñalux Enamels

Glossy synthetic enamel formulated with a careful selection of resins and additives, to obtain a product with excellent coverage, high gloss, good brushability, great hardness and equalization capacity.

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Esmaltes Peñalux

Monolayer and Extra Matte

High quality matte plastic paint, for interiors and exteriors, easy to apply and with an excellent finish and coverage, in addition to the resistance that our products offer. We offer you an extensive range of colors.

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Carta de colores

Facades and floors

Elastic waterproof paint. Perfect to apply on terraces and other traditional walls. Also enriched with fiberglass that provides greater durability and resistance to the elements.

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