Manufacture of water-based paints

Fabricación de pinturas al agua

Meticulous selection and demanding control as synonyms of quality. Our manufacturing process for water-based paints in Toledo is based on strict monitoring of suppliers, the use of the best raw materials and awareness of all the required controls. A quality system.

At Pinturas de la Peña we take care of all the details, we work from our paint factory in Toledo for the rest of the world, since we have international clients. Our experience and a job well done guarantee the results of our services and products.

From Toledo, we take our products to the rest of the world

The continuous change of the market makes us get ahead in innovation and technology, but quality is measured by customer satisfaction. For this reason, we work on our quality management system in the design and manufacture of water-based paints, focusing on that guarantee: delivery times, adaptation of batches, advice...


pinturas al agua


Numerous tests with suppliers in approval laboratories and we invest in state-of-the-art technology and machinery to obtain the best products.


We carry out daily monitoring of our clients, which allows us to satisfy all their needs and demands and offer the maximum guarantees of service.

SellosAll our products comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the quality standards and the necessary requirements for their applications. As a result of our good work, trajectory, effort and enthusiasm, we have obtained different awards that commit us to the quality, improvement and evolution of our products.