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Research, development and maximum quality

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Decades of research and development of techniques so that our products hold the highest levels of quality. Our paint factory in Toledo is based on experience, commitment to our customers and the excellence of our products thanks to cutting-edge technology.

At Pinturas de la Peña we have been in service for more than 40 years, a new project, updated and always adapted to the needs of our clients. We continue to focus our efforts on service and direct collaboration with you.

With a great human, technological and distribution team, we continue to offer optimum quality in all of our products with more solidity than ever, a service adapted to the needs of each client and a sustained and competitive economy.

A path with color

Our paint factory is located in Toledo, although we have clients throughout Spain and the rest of the world, in continents such as Chile in America or Algeria in Africa, so our desire for internationalization is another of the pillars of Pinturas De la Peña.

In addition, our water-based paint consolidates a continuous commitment to the environment and quality, bringing great products to the market with cutting-edge, innovative technology acquired over the years.