Water-based waterproofing

Primer water repellent for the protection of porous walls

This water repellent is used to protect any kind of surfaces with pore and no alkaline without modifying their original aspect.
It is the ideal water- repellent which does not modify the original aspect but which prevents form the damage and the dirt caused by the weather, specially the caused by the ice.
It is made by water- repellent agents which prevent from the humidity (mold, rust and saltpeter), leaving clean the supports and keeping the supports clean.
It is does not become a film so it is permeable to the steam, allowing the surface to breathe.
Aspect Slightly milky liquid
Finishing Transparent
Specific weight 1,00 gr./cc.
Performance 2 – 5 m2 / lt (depending of the surface)
Total drying time Totally conditioned by the temperature, support and HR
Repainting Minimum: 8 hours; Maximum: No limit
Diluent Prodcut ready for the use
Packaging 1,5 Lt. and 25 Lt. containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures

The product must not be mixed with a thinner. It can be applied with a brush, a paint roller or with a spray gun (non use high pressures, over 3 bares), etc. Apply up down to make sure the product is applied in a uniform coat. Before its application the surface must be totally clean, without saltpeter and oil and without any materials stick on it. The surface can be a bit wet but its effectiveness is much bigger if the surface is totally dry. Over new mortars it must be left to harden totally (30 days approximately). It must be used in a uniform way to avoid the appearance of different zones as the rain; the number of coats depends on the pore of the surface. It is usually needed a coat of paint.
It must be applied with temperatures between 0ºC and 35ºC.