Water-based enamel for Traffic

Water-based paint for road marking

Special paint for road markings, based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion, applicable in a thick layer and very fast drying.
Especially suitable for signaling: Highways, streets, parking lots, etc.

Color White, yellow, red and blue
Finish semimatte
Specific weight 1'50 – 1'60 gr./cc.
Viscosity when packaging 95 KU at 20ºC
fixed matter 65 – 63% depending on color
Theoretical performance 3`5 m 2 / Lt at 200 humid microns
Drying time No pick up 20 – 30 minutes at 20º C.
walkable 24 hours
Passable 48 hours
repainted 12 hours minimum, max. Unlimited
Total cure (total performance) 7 – 8 days
Presentation Containers of 750 ml and 3.5 Lt.
vehicle type Water-based acrylic resins
VOC`s xxx

  • Shake the product until it is perfectly homogenized.
  • The surfaces to be painted must be clean, free of dust, grease, saltpeter, etc. If it was previously painted, take care that the previous paint is in good condition and well adhered.
  • The application can be done by brush, roller or spray gun.
  • Dilution: WATER
    • Airless spray: 0 – 5% maximum.
    • Spray gun: 0 – 10% maximum.
    • Roller: Do not dilute.
  • Always apply above 7ºC ambient and floor temperature and below 40ºC and 80% RH.