Varnish Finishing 3D Floors

Varnish Finishing 3D Floors

Epoxy finish for multilayer systems

It is a 100% solid epoxy product with a very low odor formulated for the decoration of 3D epoxy pavements/floors, it allows you to choose any drawing or decorative motif and once placed on the support it acts as a 3D self-leveling agent, leaving incredible finishes.
Free of solvents. High resistance to abrasion, great wetting and adherence to the support, resistant to heavy traffic. Very good adhesion, especially to concrete and cement mortar supports. It forms a hard and abrasion resistant film. They can be applied in high thicknesses greater than 1 cm.
Aspect Transparent bi-component epoxy resin
Full cure 57 days
Mix Life 25 -30 minutes 25ºC
repainted Minimum 12 hours maximum 24 hours (at 25°C)
Presentation Games 1 kg, 4 kg and 16 kg
conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures
Drying time 1 day
walkable 12-16 hours
Passable 24 hours.


Compressive strength of mortar 1/0.5:350-500kg/ cm2
Resistance to flexo-traction of the mortar 1/6: 175:300 kg/cm 2
Adhesion (with primer) > 30 kg/cm 2 Breaks the concrete

Preparation of the mixture
Add the Epoxy Catalyst to the base and mix with the help of a mechanical stirrer at 400-500 rpm, mix until obtaining a homogeneous consistency. It is not convenient to exceed the mixing time to avoid the formation of foam.
Application by trowel or roller, as it spreads, successive passes of a spiked roller are necessary to de-aerate the product and make it completely transparent