Universal dye

Dye to pigment water-based or synthetic paints

De La Peña universal dye is presented in the form of a highly concentrated paste obtained by dispersing, grinding and pasting pure pigments.
Due to their excellent qualities, they are irreplaceable for coloring all types of plastic paint and, in general, any type of paint, both water-based and solvent-based.
Great performance that ensures immediate color dispersion by simple mixing. The careful selection of the pigments used in its composition makes the colors permanent and very stable, also having good performance against light and alkalis. All the colors can be mixed with each other, to achieve the desired intermediate tones.
Color Wide range according to letter.
Specific weight 1.03 grams/cc. at 1.08 gr/cc.
Viscosity when packaging 95 KU at 25ºC
Performance Depending on color and paint.
diluent Water or solvent.
Presentation Containers of 50 gr and 400 gr.
Conservation Keep sheltered from external temperatures.
alkali resistance
According to color (consult)
resistance to the outside
According to color (consult)

Shake vigorously before use, pour the dye into the paint to be tinted, mixing vigorously, a homogeneous tone will be obtained without bursts when applied. A small amount is enough to achieve a light pastel shade. Do not use in amounts greater than 5% on paint to avoid bursts and other undesirable phenomena.