Total Matt 2.8

Total Matt 2.8

Plastic Paint for indoor and outdoor

Deep MATT plastic paint, with maximum opacity, excellent washable, perfect finish, no roll marks or shiny patches, no splashes. Great covering power, high lavability, whiteness and performance.
Specially formulated to minimize imperfections on roof surfaces and walls with indirect lights. Aditivated with fungicide/alligicidas that inhibit the proliferation of mold and verdin.

tr>Solid in volume %40% +/- 2

Colour White
Finish Deep matt (< 3 a 85a) UNE-EN 13300
Specific weight 1,60 +/-0,05 gr./cc.
Viscosity on time of packaging 110 K.U. to 25º C
Fixed matter % 64 % +/- 2
Performance 8 – 10 m2/kg per coat depending on the state of the surface
Wet film recommended thickness Clase 2 UNE-EN ISO 11998:2017
Dry film recommended thickness 50 – 60 micron per hand
Dry-to-touch time 40 – 60 minutes
Curing time 21 days
Recoat 4 to 6 hours minimum. Maximum without limit
Thin with Clean water
Presentation 4 and 14lt containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures
VOC’s Cat A/a (legal limit 30 g/l). Maximum content < 2 g/l

It can be applied on any material of construction: plaster, cement, brick, stone, etc. It can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed. Surfaces to be painted must be completely clean and dry. Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 5° C or above 35º C.