Stone Paste for Interior

Interior textured coating

Stony plaster for interior use is a coating with sand stone structure of easy application with a roller and finishes of great hardness.
Colour White and pastels, on request.
Finish Rough granulated
Specific weight
1,90 gr./cc.
Coverage 1,5 m2/Kg. (depending on the relief to obtain)
Drying time
8 to 10 hours (depending on the ambient).
Thinner Water, so it is considered fireproof.
Presentation Stacks of 24 Kgs and containers of 25 Kgs.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures.

It can be applied with wool or foam roller and other grooved roller of rubber, pneumatic equipment, brushes or paintbrushes. Walls to be painted must be clean and dry. They can be fratasados cement trowels, lime-cement plasters, plaster, brick, polyester and polyurethane foam, wood and natural or artificial stone indoors. When applied on plaster or absorbent surfaces, or to high temperatures, prime with a part of the stony paste, diluted 30% water or with Peña Fij at 4 X 1 in water.

Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ° C or higher than 35 ° C.