Solvent-based enamel for Traffic

Road marking paint

It is a paint made of thermoplastic acrylic resins that dries physically. It dries and hardens very quickly. It has great resistance to impact, abrasion and weathering. Film bleed is minimal, and it has very good chemical resistance to oils, gasoline, and petroleum derivatives.
It is recommended for horizontal marking of roads, highways, pedestrian crossings, airports, parking lots, warehouse areas, industrial buildings and in general for all kinds of asphalt, cement and concrete surfaces.
Specific weight
1.4 +/–0.1 gr./cc.
Goo 95KU at 20ºC
fixed matter
60 +/- 5%
Block drying time
20-30 minutes.
repainted 12 hours.
Finish semimatte
Presentation In containers of 750 ml. and 4 liters
Color White, yellow, red and gray.
vehicle type
acrylic resins
pigments stable.

recommended thickness per coat
40 microns
Theoretical performance
10 m 2 for 40 microns of dry layer
Number of components 1
Application Method
Brush, roller, spray gun, airless gun.
Packaged for use (do not add more than 5% solvent)
cleaning tools
Universal solvent.