Solución Limpiadora

Cleaning solution in areas blackened by microorganisms

Highly effective aqueous solution for the preparation of solutions for the pre-treatment of surfaces before painting. It can be used as a sterilizing solution in industrial areas manufacturing where plant hygiene is important.
Colour Colourless
Performance 10 – 12 m2 /lt (very conditioned by the state of the surface)
Packaging Packaging bottle with sprayer 750ml
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures

Remove the visible layer of microorganisms killed mechanically through the use of “Cleaning solution” undiluted with sponge, sponge brush or steam injection. When the surface is dry, apply a second time the same solution. Finally, apply a paint additive fungicide/algicide as “MATT EXTRA”; “PEÑA AKRIL MATT” or “PEÑA AKRIL SATIN” depending on the desired finish.