Silicate paint

100% mineral paint

Paint made with potassium silicate. This paint is made specially for the decoration and protection of old and new surfaces, for indoor and outdoor. It has a high covering power and because its peculiarities is particularly indicated for the rehabilitation of old facades in big cities for its high resistance to corrosive atmospheres, UV rays, is not usable by algae or fungi, highly breathable and eco-friendly. Once applied and hardened (14 days) these paintings have a high mechanical resistance and a high permeability to water-vapour.
Colour White
Finishing Matt
Specific weight 1,44 +/- 0,05 gr./cc.
Viscosity at time of packaging 65 +/- 5 K.U. to 25ºC
Fixed material% 53% +/-5
Solid on volume% 37% +/-5
Organic material < 5 %
Performance 8 – 10 m2/kg. per coat depending of the state of the surface
Minimum dry thickness 23-27 microns per coat
Drying time at touch 30 – 40 minutes
Total treat 21 days
Repainting 2 – 3 hours minimum, maximum without limit
Diluent Fresh water
Packaging 20 Kg. container
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures.
Stock 12 months maximum
COV´S Cat A/c (limite légal 40 g/l) contenu maximal 20 g/l

This product is indicated also the outside and inside,
Suitable supports
Sand mortars and white plaster, new and old sand plaster and lime, new and old surfaces in concrete, brick walls, cement, porous natural stone, metal in particular of galvanized iron plates and aluminum.
Suitable surfaces (pre-treatment):
Natural stone walls (porous), iron surfaces (fire-resistant indoor coatings), new and old painting of lime, old painting strongly attached emulsion (step increases the permeability to water vapour), plaster finishes.
Not suitable surfaces:
Chipboard wood, oil paints, surfaces with a large amount of grease or oil stains, plastic materials. Your application can be by brush, roller or screened at the gun.
To paint walls must be clean and dry and must not apply at temperatures below 5°C or higher than 35°C.