Base Coat Cover Stains

Sellapen is a product base water than when applied on any stain (of humidity, smoke, nicotine, etc.) form a barrier that isolates the stain to prevent it from appearing again. Once dry the product, you can give it desired termination with any other paint (Nail Polish, paint, temple, etc.) being a perfect finish in matte and satin. Supplied ready for use, it is recommended not to dilute, or 5% as maximum in water.
Colour White
Finishing Satin
Specific weight



1,47 gr./cc.
Viscosity 100 K.U. at 25º C
Fixed material 65 %
Performance 4 – 6 m2 / kg
Drying time 10 minutes at touch
Total treat 7 days
Repainting 60 minutes
Diluent Water (is supplied to use)
Packaging 1 Kg. and 5 Kgs. containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures

It can be applied with brush, roller or projected. To paint walls must be free of grease, dust and poorly bonded elements. Minimum two coats applied undiluted of sellapen on the spot that you want to cover (leaving to dry at least 1 hour between them depending on the temperature), then (minimum 1 hour) apply hand completion with paint that you want to leave as a finish.