Revestimiento Alta Cubrición

100% acrylic lining for vertical walls

Smooth acrylic cladding for facades. Waterproof and washable. For the decoration and protection of exterior and interior walls highly exposed to the weather (extreme climates). It can be applied on any typical material in the construction (cement mortars, concrete, fibre cement, stone, brick, gypsum, etc.). Thanks to its formulation, also indicated for indoor application.

Outstanding features:
100% acrylic paint. Outstanding coverage. High weather resistance. Prevents the carbonization of concrete.

Colour White and colors on request
Finish Matt
Specific weight 1,65 gr./cc. +/- 0.05 gr/cc. Smooth
Viscosity at time of packaging 118 K.U. +/- 5 to 25 ºC
Fixed Matter % 64% +/- 2
Volumen solids % 40% +/- 2
Performance 8 to 12 m2/l per coat (recommended: 2 coats)
Wet film recommended thickness 60-80 micras per coat
Dry film recommended thickness 25-35 micras per coat (minimum 2 coats, depending on the state of surface)
Drying time To touch: 30-90 minutes, Total drying: 8-10 hours
Curing time 21 days
Recoat 8-10 hours minimun, maximum without limit
Diluent Water
Presentation Cans of 14 liters
Conservation Keep away from the extreme temperatures
Adhesion on concrete 3.17 Mpa
Water vapour permeability High (W1 0,03m)
Opacity in 150µ wet film 99.8%
COV’s Cat A/c (legal limit 40 g/l). Content max. 15 g/l

Can be applied: with brush, roller or pistol, applying thin coats and letting dry before applying a second hand; So, until you get a thickness of film of the desired thickness. For waterproofing and protection against carbonation in facades: it can be applied on materials as diverse as concrete, cement, brick, stone, etc.
The walls where it is to be applied should be clean, dry and free from residues of old paints. It must not be applied at temperatures of less than 5 º C or above 30 º C, nor in anticipation of frost or rainfall immediately to its application. Always apply 2 º C above the dew temperature; as a general rule it will not be painted above 80% relative humidity.
The cleaning of utensils must be done with water.