Polyurethane membrane

Water-based polyurethane membrane for walkable waterproofing.

Ecological single-component polyurethane membrane, stable to UVA rays, 100% waterproof, highly elastic water-based liquid application, applied in situ, used for waterproofing decks, roofs, balconies and terraces. Prevents the penetration of water and extends the life of the roof, respects the environment. Not recommended for water tanks.
Color colourless, transparent
Finish Satin
Specific weight 1'04 +/- 0'02 gr./cc.
Viscosity when packaging 80KU at 25ºC
Fixed matter % 36% +/- 5
Solids by volume % 35% +/- 5
Performance 5 to 6 m 2 / Lt per coat and depending on the state of the facing
number of hands Minimum 2
Recommended dry thickness 55 – 59 microns per coat
Touch dry time 3 – 4 hours (depending on the thickness applied).
walkable 24 hours
Passable 48 hours
full cure 7 – 8 days
repainted 8 – 24 hours.
diluents Sweet water
Presentation 4 liter containers. and 14 liters
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures.
VOC's Cat A/i (legal limit 140 g/l) max content 50 g/l

It can be applied by brush or roller with short hair. The walls to be painted must be clean, dry and well consolidated, do not apply at room and support temperatures below 5ºC or above 35ºC and the ambient humidity must be less than 80%. A minimum of two crossed coats must be applied up to a consumption of approximately 0.750-1Kg/m 2 .