Plastic Dyes

Pigment bindery to dye the Water Paintings

Acrylic dye DE LA PEÑA are presented in the form of high concentration aqueous paste, obtained by the total dispersion of pure pigments based liquid. Due to their excellent qualities, they are irreplaceable for dye all kinds of plastic paints and in general all kinds of water paints. Great performance that ensures immediate dispersion using simple color mixing. The careful selection of the pigments used in its composition, makes that the colors are permanent and very stable having also great resistance to light (*) and alkalis. All colors can be mixed together, to achieve shades intermediate that you wish. It must not use more than 5% of pigment on painting. Fastness to light and weathering of colors is conditioned by the quality of the paint base and the percentage of dye used. In exterior paints, the colors of light are black, ochre, suede, green and blue.
(*) Yellow and red dye are only recommended indoor.
Colour Wide range according to the letter.
Specific weight Varies according to the colour
Viscosity at time of packaging 55 K.U. to 25 ºC
Performance According to the final colour
Diluent Water
Packaging 100 ml, 350 ml and 1 Lt. containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures

It’s very important shake it before use. Pour the dye directly into paint desired color. Mix vigorously and a homogenous to obtain a tone without causing gusts to be applied. Just a small amount for attaining a pastel tone clear (2 to 5%). The once-dry weathers, decrease the intensity of color with respect to when they are fresh. Plastic paintings, on the other hand, increase, or maintain, once dry, the intensity of the initial color.