Pintura Resina de Silicona

Mineral matt high quality protection Paint Incomparable for Facades

Silicone resin paint is a coating of mineral type and, therefore, as breathable (water vapour-permeable) as lime and silicate paints. This property is due to its microporous structure that allows the passage of gases. According to the European standard EN ISO 7783-2 silicone resin paints are included in category I (highly permeable). Thanks to the permeability to water vapour, the wall perspires and with the painting of silicone resin in the higher quality product for covering of facades and is the reason for its extraordinary durability and dirt repellency. The effect of formation of drops of silicone resin paints water always manifests (rain, snow, etc.) and is maintained during the life of the coating. This way, ensures a perfect finish of the walls for a long time.
Silicone resin paints are used successfully for 40 years. In Europe, more than one million of facades have already coated with these paintings, many of which do not have pointed out a renewal for more than twenty years.
Colour White
Finishing Silky matt
Specific weight 1’46 +/- 0’5 gr./cc.
Viscosity on having trippled 95 K.U. to 25 ºC
Fixed material % 61 % +/- 2 %
Solid on volume % 42 % +/- 5
Performance 7 – 9 m2 / Kg per coat depending on the state of the surface
Minimum dry thickness 30-34 microns per coat
Drying time 40 – 60 minutes
Treat 21 days
Repainting 4 – 6 hours minimum, maximum without limit
Diluent Fresh water
Packaging 20 Kg. container
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures
COV’S Cat A/c (legal limit 40 g/l). Max. Cont. 25 g/l

It can be applied on any material of construction, plaster, cement, etc. Your application may be to brush, roller or projected to gun. Before application, the facing should be completely clean and dry, bearing in mind that you do not apply at temperatures below 5°C or higher than 35°C.