Protective lasur and multipurpose decorator

Product manufactured with special acrylic resins for particle very fine for the protection of wood against the Sun and moisture. The glaze, unlike varnish, penetrates deeply into the wood, open pore. By not forming layer allows the wood to breathe and will always keep the balance between the moisture of the wood and the environment that surrounds it. In this way protects and beautifies wood with maximum respect to the natural appearance of your veins.
It is colorless or transparent, flexible and hard, presents great adherence, easy to apply and very low odor. This formulation contains specific fungicides that protect the wood from the blueness and other diseases caused by fungi.
It can also be used as a fixative and waterproofing for general use of plaster, cement, plaster, lime, brick, stone, etc. without that material where they apply just suffer alterations in color. It protects the saltpeter from moisture and other impurities. It can be dyed with Pinturas de la Peña’s universal dye.
Colour Colourless, walnut, chestnut, oak, pine clear and sapelly
Finishing Matt or satin depending of the surface and number of coats
Specific weight 1,05 +/-0,05 gr./cc.
Performance 10 – 12 m2 /Kg per coat
Drying time 1 hour at touch
Treat 21 days
Repainting 6 hours
Diluent and cleaning of the tools Water
Packaging 750 ml and 4 Lt containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures

Surfaces which are to be applied must be clean and dry. You can apply to brush, roller short hair or gun. Apply in the direction of the grain of the wood; Once dry (approximately 60 minutes) apply a second coat. It is not necessary to dilute it comes ready for pro use. It will be used water for the cleaning of the tools.