Siliconated paste for patios

It is a silicone-based concentrate product for the protection all types of works. The PENASIN is recommended mainly to replace lime on walls of patios or other similar faces.

The PENASIN is a low-grade plastic paint, however, it can give a good result in the majority of cases, since initially drain rainwater by not leaving the same humidity to penetrate.

Colour White and colours on request.
Finish Matt.
Specific weight



1,8 to 1,9 gr./cc.
Coverage 5 to 6 m2/Kg.
Drying time



2 to 3 hours, depending on environment.
Repainting 8 to 10 hours.
Thinner Water, so it is considered fireproof.
Presentation Plastic bags of 24 Kgs. and plastic containers of 25 Kgs.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures.

It can applied by brush, roller or spray gun, both indoors and outdoors.