PeñaPlast al uso

Plaster for use

Repair plaster prepared to use for filling and cover defects in the walls such as: fissures, holes, cracks, and any other damages produced by failures in plaster, blows, etc.
Colour White
Finish Matt
Drying time 4 to 6 hours.
Thinner Water
Pack sizes 1 and 5 Kgs.
Conservation Keept protected from extreme temperatures.

When the defect is very deep, it is applicable or will be filled in several times, since if you intend to do it only once you could crack and undermine.
It can also be used to hang in thin coats on faces that are not uniform.
PeñaPlast is easy to apply and sanding.
Arrangements are not noticeable because that gets a target similar to temple paints.
It does not diminishes.