Peñamader Mate

Matt Varnish for wooden Indoor – Outdoor

Varnish alkyd of very high quality, with a soft touch, matte finish, great penetration and high power of wood protection, especially for the protection of wood inside, and can be also applied on outside but in areas not directly exposed to the sun.
Specific weight 0,92 gr./cc.
Visosity 63″ (Copa ford nº 4)
Fixed material 48 %
Drying time at touch 4 hours.
Repainting 24 hours.
Finish Matt
Type of carrier Alkyd resin (not yellowed)
Presentation 375 ml, 750 ml and 4 lt. container
Colour Colourless

Theoric performance 7-9 m2/L ccording the state of the surface
Solvent Universal
Number of components 1
Method of application Brush, roller, spray gun