Peñamader Marino

Glossy varnish for exterior wood

Very high quality alkyd varnish, with a soft touch, very high gloss, great penetration and very high protection power for wood, especially indicated for the protection of wood exposed to the elements.
Color Colorless
Finish High brightness
Specific weight 0.92 gr./cc.
Goo 63″ (Ford Cup No. 4)
fixed matter 48%
Touch dry time 4 hours.
repainted 24 hours.
Vehicle type Alkyd resin (does not yellow).
Presentation In containers of 375 ml, 750 ml and 4 Lts.
Conservation Keep sheltered from external temperatures.

Theoretical performance 7-9 m 2 /L depending on the state of the surface.
solvent Universal
Number of components
Application Method
Brush, roller, spray gun