Penalux Antioxidant

Antioxidant Glossy synthetic enamel

It is a glaze formulated based on covering inorganic pigments and other anticorrosive, dispersed in a alkyd vehicle of short length in oil, which confers a fast drying and another medium length in oil which gives an excellent adhesion on direct veneer.
Excellent enamel for the protection of machinery exposed to the outdoors. Direct use, not being necessary the application of any type of primer thanks to its high anticorrosive and antioxidant power.
Color White and black
Finish Glossy smooth
Specific weight 1,28 gr/cc. +/- 5
Viscosity 120 +/- 5 sg copa Ford nº 4 a 20º C
Fixed matter 56 +/- 5 % in weight
Drying time to touch 10-15 minutes at 20º C
Recoat 24 hours minimum.
Brightness > 87 % (angle of 60º/ 60º C)
Flash point 90º C
COV’s Max 275 g/l (depending on the color).
Presentation Cans of 375ml, 750 ml and 4lt.

Recommended thickness by coat 40-45 microns
Theoretical performance 8 12 m2/l depending on the surface state
Diluent Universal, turpentine or turpentine simile.
Number of components 1
Application method Brush, roller or spray gun
Dilution 5-10%