Satin synthetic enamel, black and white

It is a paint based on modified alkyd resins, pigmented with carbon black or titanium dioxide, and extenders that give it good opacity, adherence and flexibility.

It is recommended both as an intermediate layer, and as a finish for painting metal structures, gates, railings, lanterns and all kinds of metal or wooden ornaments.

Specific weight 1,14 gr/cc.
Package viscosity 76 K.U. a 20 ºC
Volume solids > 50%
Drying time to the touch 2-3 hours.
Repainting 24 hours.
Finish Satin.
Pack sizes 375 ml, 750 ml and 4 Lt.
Colour Black and white
Type of vehicle Alkyd synthetic
Pigments Stable
Conservation Protect from extreme temperatures

Recommended thickness by hand 35 microns.
Theoretical coverage 8-10 m2/lt.
Thinner Synthetic and greasy
Number of componentses 1
Method of application Brush, roller or spray gun
Dilution 5-10%