Primer for Galvanized and Bad Adhesion Surfaces

Multi-purpose paint, made special acrylic emulsions to achieve a great anchor. It serves as a primer or finish for galvanized, aluminum, PVC, tiles, Fund for wood and other materials with low or no adherence by its nature little porous or glazed, provides be repainted with the majority of water or solvent-based paints.
Colour White
Finishing Silky Matt
Specific weight 1,55 +/-0,05 gr./cc.
Viscosity at time of packaging 105 K.U. to 25 ºC
Fixed material 71 %
Performance 4 – 6 m2 /Kg
Drying time 60 – 90 minutes
Treat 21 days
Repainting 21 hours
Diluent Water (dilution 5 – 10 %)
Packaging 1 Kg. and 5 Kg. containers
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures

The surface to be painted it must be completely clean without oxides, fat, dust or traces of paint bad adhesion. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Used as diluent water (5-10% MAX). When your application is on PVC lightly sand this material in order to facilitate adherence on the same. Before applying the coat check that it is fully dry (24-48 hours depending on the temperature and the environment).
Due to the wide variety of existing materials and the enormous possibilities of finishes is strongly recommended to do preliminary tests with the system chosen by the customer.