Peña Sport Tennis

Water-based paint for floors and sports courts

Paint made from water-based acrylic copolymer emulsions, which allow obtaining a product with great flexibility and resistance to abrasion and weathering, with the advantages of having water as a solvent.
It is noteworthy its excellent adhesion over any other paint.
Color Turkish red, pediment green and ground grey.
Finish Semimate.
Specific weight 1.55 gr./cc.
Viscosity when packaging 100 KU at 20ºC
fixed matter 60%
Performance 5 to 6 m 2 /Kg.
Drying time 2 to 3 hours.
repainted 5 to 6 hours.
diluent Water, so it is considered fire retardant.
Presentation Containers of 1, 5 and 23 kg.
Conservation Keep sheltered from external temperatures.

New or old unpainted surfaces must be washed with a 10% dilution of hydrochloric acid in water, and then rinsed sufficiently with water, allowing it to dry for at least two days.
On already painted surfaces, loose parts must be removed to be subsequently treated as in the previous case.
Metallic surfaces must be primed with a chlorinated rubber primer. Once the surface is prepared, apply a first coat of Peña-Sport diluted in 10% water, the following coats will be applied directly with the product as it comes to use.
It is not recommended to apply the paint at a temperature below 5 ºC or above 25 ºC or on surfaces that are humid or excessively overheated by the sun.
In any case, the surfaces must be clean of any impurity.
These paints can be applied by brush, roller, or air spray.