Peña Sport Pools

Special acrylic paint for swimming pools – anti-algae

It is a water-based paint formulated with a combination of acrylic emulsions that provide good flexibility and hardness, as well as extraordinary resistance to water and weather, with all the advantages of having water as the only diluent.
It is noteworthy its excellent adherence to old oil, acrylic or chlorinated rubber paints, as long as they are very clean and have good anchorage, which is why it is especially indicated for swimming pools and sports facilities.
Peña Sport Piscinas contains fungicides to protect against algae and mold.
Color White, pool blue and other colors on request.
Finish Satin.
Specific weight 1.35 +/- 0.05 gr./cc.
Viscosity when packaging 80 KU at 25ºC
fixed matter 58%
Performance 6 to 7 m 2 /Kg. depending on the parameter.
Drying time 1 to 2 hours.
Washable From 6 to 8 hours.
diluent Water, so it is considered fire retardant.
Presentation Containers of 1 and 5 kg.
Conservation Keep sheltered from external temperatures.

New or old unpainted surfaces must be washed with a 10% dilution of hydrochloric acid in water (salfumant), and then washed or rinsed sufficiently with water, allowing it to dry for at least two days. On already painted surfaces, loose and poorly adhered parts must be removed to be subsequently treated as in the previous case.
Metal surfaces must be prepared with a chlorinated rubber primer. Next, a first coat of Peña Sport Piscina de la Peña Acrílica paint will be applied, diluted with 10% water, the following coats will be applied directly without diluting.
Its application can be with a brush, roller, airless spray gun, etc. This paint should not be applied at temperatures below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
It is recommended not to fill the pools or cisterns until at least 7 days have elapsed since its application.