Oligisto Forge

Anti-corrosive enamel metal finish forging

Non-corrosive enamel. Excellent protection and decoration of any iron surface, which provides a natural metal finish (type forging).

  • Easy application.
  • Non-crack.
  • High adhesion, elasticity and resistance to weathering.

Their colors are mixable. Suitable for all types of metallic structures (private, industrial, urban, etc.) both outside and inside.

Colour Black, brown and grey
Finishing Forging aspect and metallic
Density 1,68 -1,79 gr./cc. (According the colour)
Fixed material 78 – 81% in weight
Theoric performance 8 – 12 m2 / lt. according the state of the surface
Drying time at touch 3 – 4 hours
Repainting 24 hours
Solvant on formule Hydrocarbon mixing
Packaging 750 ml and 4 lts. containers
Adherence UNE 48032 Very good
Work temperature Between 15 – 30º C
Ignition point 42º C Seta – Flash Cup closed
Salt cavity 1.000 hours (ASTM-B117 with a fit primer)

Variations of temperature, humidity, thickness, etc., may cause changes in drying, performance, etc. The surface must be dry and clean, free from grease, dust and dirt. It is recommended to apply at least 2 coats, diluted first so that it penetrates well in wood and the second viscosity of supply. UV inhibitor