Matte Antioxidant Synthetic Primer

Antioxidant primer for protection of metallic elements

It is a antioxidant synthetic primer aimed at the preparation of iron surfaces for cellulosic or synthetic finishes.
Colour White, rust red, green, grey and black.
Finish Matt
Nature Alkyd-synthetic
Density 1,5 to 1,7
Relation Pigment/Resin 0,87 in volume
Theorical coverage 7 to 10 m2/Kg. and hand depending on the surface state.
Drying time to the touch 15-20 minutes
Repainting 8 Hours (cellulosic products wait 24 hors)
Volume solids 40% in weight
Non-volatil volume 60% in weight
Pack-sizes 1 Kg., 5 Kg and 20 Kg.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures.
Tools cleaning Universal solvent

Painting surfaces must be prepared in a proper way and clean perfectly.

For new surfaces, it will be necessary to clean, degrease, brush, sand and remove dust

For repainting , in those cases in which is necessary to eliminate totally or partially old paint down to the metal surface, paint remover will have to be used, making sure that there are no remains of oxide and that remaining paint is in good state and attached, and then proceed as if it was a new surface.