Professional white plastic paint

M-15 interior-exterior, is a paint based on acrylic copolymer emulsions, titanium dioxide and other selected raw materials. It has a good covering power, it is resistant to the exterior. It is characterized by its great dry whiteness and performance, good brushability.
Color White
Finish Mate
Specific weight 1.71 gr/cc.
Goo 115 KU at 25º
fixed matter 71%
Performance 5 to 6 m 2 /kg.
rub resistance At 21 days. Double passes – 1100
Drying time 40 to 60 minutes.
repainted 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
diluent Water, so it is considered fire retardant.
Presentation Containers from 5 to 23 kg.
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures.

It can be applied on any construction material, plaster, cement, plaster, etc. Its application can be by brush, roller or sprayed. Before its application, the facing must be completely clean, bearing in mind that it should not be applied at temperatures below 5ºC or above 35ºC.