Plastic paint in colors specially chosen to create a home.

The single-layer plastic paint is formulated with advanced technology emulsions with which a high-quality, high-performance product with good weather resistance is achieved.

It has great flexibility, good adhesion and resistance to the alkalinity of the cement. It is permeable to interior vapors and impermeable to exteriors. It is a product equally suitable for painting indoors and outdoors.

Color White and chart colors
Finish Mate.
Specific weight 1.62 gr./cc.
Viscosity when packaging 105 KU at 25ºC
fixed matter 66%
Performance 11-12 m 2 /lt.
Drying time 40 to 60 minutes
repainted 8 to 10 hours
diluent Water, so it is considered fire retardant.
Presentation 4 liter containers.
Conservation Keep sheltered from external temperatures.

It can be applied on any construction material, plaster, cement, plaster, etc. Its application can be by brush, roller or sprayed. Before its application, the facing must be completely clean, dry and free of chips or poorly adhered materials. It should not be applied at temperatures below 5º C or above 35º C.