Estuco Veneciano

High decoration paint with marble effect finish

DE LA PEÑA STUCCO is a decorative painting for walls and with easy application for indoor decoration, that allows to obtain an elegant and decorative finish as recover to the stuccos of the ancient Venice palaces. Following the common methods of application (trowel or spatula), the product leaves a stylish finish marked by contrasts and effects that depend on the ability of the decorator. DE LA PEÑA STUCCO can be, apart from the above flat surfaces, also on particular architectural elements such as cornices, columns, etc.
Aspect Marble effect
Finishing Gloss – Satin smooth
Colour White (base to dye)
Specific weight 1’50gr./cc.
Performance 1’5 – 2 m2 / kg. (depending on the desired finish)
Drying time at touch 6 – 10 hours
Treat 21 days
Repainting 24 hours
Diluent Water
Dye Universal dye De la Peña and painting mix-system
Packaging 1 Kg. and 5 Kg. containers
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures.
COV’S Cat. A/l 200 g/l (2010) max: 50 g/l

The product is ready to use. He is not recommended to dilute. The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and consolidated:
On surfaces in bad condition:
Clean up all affected areas, remove all material that is not well attached, clean all the dust and any dirt that might have. To consolidate substrate and homogenize porous as well as on paintings in tempera, tail or lime, it is recommended to apply a first coat of fixative to Penafij water. Then apply a coat of plastic paint Mate Extra and once dry, finely polish the entire surface and remove all traces of sanding dust.
Proceed to apply stucco: over the prepared surface firm and consistent, apply a coat of stucco of the Peña (previously dyed with the chosen color), spread with a trowel or spatula stainless steel blunt edges, leaving the surface smooth and uniform. It make with a spatula a second hand of asymmetrical shape, leaving a space between a few centimeters past. It make with a spatula a third hand between the spaces left in the previous pass. To acquire one greater colour contrast.
Finishing: With completely dry surface (24 hrs. min.), by pressing with the blunt edge of the spatula or trowel shines (if desired), obtained by dragging the spatula without stucco over the area plastered several times, so the surface will be completely smooth increasing its brightness. If you want a higher level of shine and protection, you can apply with the help of a wool mitten a coat of wax spice for De la Peña Stucco.