Efecto rústico

High decoration system with rustic finish

Decoration system for indoors that gives the faces a rustic effect and elegant at the same time. Easy and quick to apply, it can be used on smooth or rough surfaces hiding small defects in the wall.

Its balanced formulation makes this product one of the best in the market in its category, both at the level of finish and ease of work. In addition, presenting characteristics of durability and flexibility so high that make it suitable for artistic works (on canvas, wood etc).

The system consists of two products: base or neutral paste and colored wax finish.

Appearance White paste with high viscosity
Finish Matt particular couch
Specific weight



1,43 +/- 0,05 gr/cc.
Coverage 1 to 2 m2/Kg. (According to the desired finish)
Total drying time



12-14 hours
Finish with wax



Minimum: 8 hours; Maximum: No limit
Thinner Packed for use (water)
Pack sizes



23, 12 and 4 Kg.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures.

The product is prepared for use .It should not be diluted, its application can be plastic or steel depending on whether the finish desired (rougher or smoother). It should be applied in a uniform way by all the face leaving a regular thickness, working on no more than 5 m2 surfaces. When the base is completely dry (minimum 24 hours) apply the wax stained with a cloth or gauze (trunnion type) with circular movements ensuring there is no area uncovered.

The surfaces to be treated must be clean of salt, grease, completely free of moisture and foreign elements.

It is advisable to anchor the walls before applying the rustic effect with smooth coating (white smooth Rugopeña) to favour the anchor and regularize the absorption of the facing.

It should be applied at temperatures between 5 ° C and 35 ° C