Efecto Olas del Mar

Water-based glazing of delayed drying

Special acrylic blend, formulated with retardant products of drying that confers a high work time even applied on the surface. Specially formulated for glazing works and large number of special effects working with different tools (sponges, rollers with effects, grainers, hair gloves, etc.)
Appearance (Wet) milky white (wet), transparent (dry)
Finish Satin
Specific weight 1,05+/-0,05 gr./cc.
Coverage 10 to 15 m2/Kg.
Working time 30 minutes / 20 ºC
Repainting 12 hours.
Thinner Water, so it is considered fireproof
Pack sizes 2,5 Kg. and 750 gr.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures.


  1. Surface preparation: the surface to decorate, once clean, dry and free of dust and grease, apply a coat of satin plastic PEÑA AKRIL ( it can be white or colour, depending on the desired effect) and allow to dry at least 24 hours.
  2. Obtaining colour: dye sea waves effect with water-based dyes or universal paints of PINTURAS DE LA PEÑA according to the desired colours, mixing to obtain a homogeneous tone.
  3. Application: using a short hair roller apply on the surface to decorate leaving a uniform coat, then create the desired effect with the help of special tools (rollers, sponges, gloves etc.). According to the temperature and humidity there will be 30 minutes, more or less, until the product starts to look and can no longer be manageable. Is therefore recommended not to apply very large surfaces, and not to let straight cuts in order to conceal the joints.