Efecto Antiguo

High-decoration paint with singular finish

It is a very special product, very easy to use and with incredible results. It is a decorative system that gives the faces an aged appearance, combining an effect glaze with traces of combinable white particles (optionally) with other brown.

It is a complete system made up of three components:

1º: Background old effect: specially designed to facilitate the implementation and maximum performance.

2º: Neutral base old effect.

3º:Toner colours old effect (to easily obtain the colour card)

Appearance White paste with particles (medium viscosity)
Finish Low satin
Specific weight
1,05 +/- 0,05 gr/cc.
Recovering 8 to 10 m2/Kg. according to the support absorption
Total drying time
12 hours / 20 ºC H.R. 60 %
Repainting Mínimum: 8 hours; Mximum: No limit
Thinner Packed for use
Pack sizes
2,5 Kg. and 10 Kg.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures

Apply on a clean dust, grease etc. facing, and prepared with background antiqued, apply coloured antiqued base to taste in sections irregular to get the desired effect.

The product is ready to use. It should not be diluted. First it has to be obtained the desired colour dying the neutral base with any of the toner from the paints of LA PEÑA range, then apply with a special brush ATF spreading paint in all directions alternating from left to right and vice versa. It will be worked on not very large surfaces (1-2 m2) and without leaving regular cuts in order to not noticeable joints.

Once applied, when the bottom is dry (approx. 10-15 minutes) smooth with a plastic spatula to break up and expand white particles.

The surfaces to be treated must be clean of salt, grease, completely free of moisture and foreign elements. It must be applied to temperatures ranging from 8 ° C to 35 ° C.