Efecto Antiguo Flóculo Marrón

High decoration Paint with a Singular Finishing

Concentrated toner with brown particles that are added in the desired proportion to the neutral base old effect for a complementary to the white base brown effect.
Colour Brown
Finishing Glossy
Specific weight 1’05 +/- 0’05 gr./cc.
Proportion 150 gr to 300 gr in 2’5 kg of base
Presentation 1 Kg container
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures

Add the desired amount (150 g – 300 g in 2’5 kg of neutral base), depending on the desired effect, to shake manually (never with machine), helping us with spatula, a stick or any other tool that allows us to stir very vigorously to the homogenization of the product. The surfaces to be treated must be clean of salt, fat, completely free of moisture and foreign elements. It should apply to temperatures ranging from 8°C to 35°C.