Barniz Poliuretano al Agua 1C ó 2C

Waterborne Polyurethane Varnish for Passable Floors

Waterborne polyurethane varnish with high performance and specially designed for a longer protection of mineral floorings. It can be used directly or catalyzed if you want a higher chemical and mechanical resistance.
It has high resistance to stains, highly resistant to chemical attack, and high abrasion resistance. Easy and fast to apply. It can be used for the protection of all types of flooring, indoors and outdoors. Gives long-lasting protection forming a highly abrasion-resistant protective layer reducing dirt and pavement maintenance times.
Colour Transparent
Finishing Gloss
Specific weight 1,05 +/-0,03 gr./cc.
Solid in volume 31 % +/- 1
Viscosity at time of packaging 80 K.U. to 25 ºC
Performance 8 – 10 m2 /Kg. on depending of the state of the walls
Life of mix 120 Minutes
Walkable 24 hours
Pissable 48 hours
Treat 7 – 8 days
Repainting 12 hours
Diluent and clean of tools Water
Packaging 4 Lt and 14 Lt containers
Conservation Keep away from extreme temperatures
Colour Transparent
Specific weight 1,10 +/-0,05 gr./cc.

It can be applied by brush or roller to short hair. To paint walls must be clean, dry, and well consolidated. Do not apply to stands below 10ºC over 30ºC, and the air humidity should be less than 80%.
If you want the highest chemical and mechanical resistance is used catalyzed form:
Add hardener (Comp. B) to the base (Comp. A), mixing them by hand or with mechanical stirrer of low rpm (to not produce foam) until you get a perfect homogenization. Wait 3 to 5 minutes approximately before you begin your application.
Once product is ready for use mixed, do not dilute. The application of two crossed hands is recommended. Within 24 hours it is passable with caution, maximum hardness reaches approximately 7 days.