5000P Matte

Plastic paint of high performance and durability


The 5000-P is a plastic paint for both exterior and interior of great whiteness and opacity. Its great opacity allows finishes in a single coat.It is formulated with pure acrylic emulsions, high quality pigments, fungicidal agents and antioxidants, which give anti-mould properties and corrosion-resistance, and it can be applied even on metal or iron sheet, previously primed.
It’s a paint suitable for places where it is about to protect it from the action of fungi and bacteria, such as food industries, etc. It also has properties thanks to the addition of siliconized additives.
Colour White
Finish Matt
Specific weight 1,64 gr./cc.
Viscosity 115 K.U. at 25º C
Volume solids 69%
Coverage 10 to 12 m2/Kg. (depending on the wall)
Drying time 40 to 60 minutes
Repainting 4 to 6 hours
Disolvent Water, so it is considered fireproof
Pack sizes 5 and 23 Kgs.
Conservation Keep protected from extreme temperatures

Brush, roller, spray gun, airless, etc.. The walls to be painted must be clean and dry, and do not apply at temperatures below 5 ° C or higher than 35 ° C.
It is recommended to dilute for a first hand between 15-20% and for second hand a maximum 10-12%.